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Beautiful Plans: Table of Contents

For those who prefer a download, Beautiful Plans is also available as a  a PDF.   Click here .  (My current hosting provides limited bandwidth, so if you want to work from the PDF, please right click, save it to your computer or device, and work with your own copy.)  Or, use the links below to read Beautiful Plans online.


Tools for Independent Study
          Using Diagrams and Notes
          Terminology and Abbreviations
    Preparation (Warm Up and Arms)
          Diagram: “Rust Metal” (The Magic Veil/Anatolian Kanoun) (Warm Up)
          Diagram: “Spellbound” (Mosvo/Serpent's Garden) (Warm Up)
          Reference Notes (Warm Up)
          Diagram: “Lonely Star by the Sea” (Mosavo/Serpent's Garden) (Arms)
          Reference Notes (Arms)
   Lesson 1
          Level 1 Drills
          Diagram: “Move your Belly” (Electric Oasis) (Flow 1)
          Reference Notes: Flow 1
   Lesson 2
          Level 2 Drills
          Diagram“Gift from Sinai” (Mohamed Ali Ensemble/Desert Passage) (Flow 2)
          Reference Notes: Flow 2
    Lesson 3
          Level 3 Drills
          Diagram: “Early Morning” (Rimarah/Eyes of the Desert) (Flow 3)
          Reference Notes: Flow 3
   Lesson 4
          Level 4 Drills
          Diagram: “Layali” (Setrak Sarkissian/Masters of Bellydance Music) (Flow 4)
          Reference Notes: Flow 4
    Lesson 5
          Level 5 Drills
          Diagram: “Tea in Marrakech” (Electric Oasis 2) (Flow 5)
          Reference Notes: Flow 5
   Lesson 6 
          Level 6 Drills 
          Diagram: “Sapurey's Mantra” (Mosavo/Serpent's Garden) (Flow 6)
          Reference Notes: Flow 6
   Lesson 7 
          Level 7 Drills
          Diagram: “Khamsin” (Tim Rayborn/Rihla) (Flow 7)
          Reference Notes: Flow 7
     Diagram: “Azure” (Solace/Iman) (Practice Choreography & Second Performance)
     Reference Notes: Azure (Practice Choreography & Second Performance)
     Diagram: “Visitors from Mt. Ararat” (Mosavo/Sensual Goddess) (First Performance: “Raqs Ameera”)

Advice forDancers

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