Smarter is an adverb?

The name of this site, Dance Smarter, was derived from folk wisdom about what to do when one's labors do not produce the expected rewards:  "work smarter, not harder." 

This folksy language of this folk wisdom may not rest easily on the ears of the linguistically sensitive.

Give it a minute.  I'm making a case for "smarter" used here as an adjective, modifying the implied "you."  The "dance" in the imperative "dance smarter" effectively functions as a linking ("copulative") verb.  Read more here.

For the record, there are  some dictionaries that allow "smarter" as an adverb.  Or, at least, they allow "smart."  But I didn't want to create a "Dance Smart" page because if you're here, you're probably already a smart dancer.  What you are looking for is tools to make your dancing even smarter.   (And, chances are, you're also willing to work even harder, given the smart tools that point you in the right direction.)

Other grammatically formal naming options are equally lackluster.  "Dance Smartly" sounds exhausting. "Dance With More Smartness" doesn't work either.   "Dance smartlier?"  No way.

However the grammar strikes you, I hope you can work with "Dance Smarter."   What's done is done.  People, let's just roll with it.

Work harder, AND dance smarter.

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