Zeina Step-by-Step is an advanced-level belly dance instructional program, teaching a theatrical Oriental dance choreography to classic music from Mohamed Abdel Wahab.  (I'm using the version from Belly Dance Classics with Fifi Abdo, an orchestral keyboard-free arrangement.)  The video is available exclusively in online streaming format:  buy it here.  Unfortunately for the lower-tech among us, at this time there is no planned DVD release.

To complement the video, I've uploaded choreography notes and other supplementary info; take a look around the Zeina Gift Pack.

Although the dance is relatively short, about four and a half minutes, my instructional program is a whopping two and a half hours long.  I don't teach or break down any basic vocabulary, but I describe placement, timing nuances, and body lines in great detail, and talk about how and why I made my choreographic decisions.  (Remember the level of detail in Beautiful Technique?  I drill down just as far for this program.)  You'll come away with more than just a lovingly-detailed choreography--Zeina will help dancers to understand dance vocabulary in context, refine their technique, deepen their connection to music, and move with precision. 

Zeina was filmed in a studio setting, to a mirror, so that you may follow along behind me.  There's also digitally-flipped footage for those who prefer to mirror the instructor.