Hello and thank you to users of my DVDs and streaming videos. This site is for you!

I've created this site primarily to function as a question-and-answer forum for users of my most recent release, Zeina.   But I've also uploaded all of my supplements for past programs:  notes for the "Enchantress" choreography from the "Fantasy: Magic" program, and shiny new HTML versions of  the study guides for Beautiful  Technique and Travel Steps. If people have questions about these older products, we can also discuss them in this forum too.

Moving forward, this site will depend on you.  If there's an interest in study groups or online discussions, I'll be happy to host them.  But if I've already set you up with all of the information that you need, then this will just be a static site for ongoing reference.  At this time, my plans for future video releases are indefinite.  Any input you have is greatly appreciated.

Happy dancing to all.