My Enchantress choreography was created for the Magic volume of World Dance New York's Fantasy Belly Dance Instructional Series.   The DVD also features dances taught and performed by Isidora Bushkovski (Warrior Princess/Sword) and Ariellah (Kali -Creator/Destroyer; Tribal Fusion/Gothic).  Enchantress (and the other dances on Magic) are for intermediate and advanced-level students; instructors describe the sequence of steps, but do not break down foundation vocabulary.

Magic is available as a DVD (you can buy it directly from me here, or find it through other vendors); since the DVD release, each instructor's portion has also been made available as a separate product, available in online streaming format. 

I didn't create any supplemental materials to accompany Enchantress at the time of its release, but have since compiled choreography notes.  In particular, the choreography notes contain a reference for the finger cymbals I play during my performance.  

Link to Enchantress notes.  (If you prefer a PDF, download it here.  Please right-click, save to your computer, then open the document locally from your own machine.  Otherwise, I may run out of bandwidth.)

Another document that may be useful:  reference for finger cymbal patterns.

Fans of the Enchantress choreography should also check out my blog post about this dance, which contains more information about the style of the dance and about costuming, plus a link to a performance of the choreography from 2009.