Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zeina Step-by-Step Gift Pack 2: Thank You Card

Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining me in the Zeina Step-by-Step instructional program.

If you're reading this note, it probably means you are already the kind of dancer who is willing to put in extra effort. You understand the value of active learning, and you are motivated to work independently. Like me, you take dance seriously.

Thank you! I sincerely appreciate the conscientiousness you contribute to the culture of belly dance.  You make me both proud and humble.  I hope it is okay that I think of you as a member of my dance family.

How can I make our family stronger?

In the coming weeks (of November 2014), I hope to assemble an online study group. Watch this blog, or tune in on Facebook. Depending on the response, future groups may follow.

For ongoing “technical support,” please feel free to contact me with your questions. For very specific questions that involve personalized feedback, I'm available for private lessons or consultations, either in person in New York City, online via webcam, or on the phone. But for general-interest questions, I will do my best to offer additional information or other resources via this site.


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Zeina Step-by-Step Gift Pack Table of Contents
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